Deserts [noun]

Definition of Deserts:

what is due one

Synonyms of Deserts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deserts:

Sentence/Example of Deserts:

And the lambs shall feed according to their order, and strangers shall eat the deserts turned into fruitfulness.

A beau highwayman and a miserable chimney sweeper were to be hanged together at Newgate for their respective deserts.

Again, a husband who drives his wife away from him by his misconduct deserts her as clearly as if he had left her.

No, give me deserts or precipices,—anything fixed and solid is better than this capricious, ever-changing sea.

It was not a place of trade, and was distant a hundred leagues from Chaldæa, and deserts lay between.

Cakes of dates pounded and kneaded together are the food of the Arabs who traverse the deserts.

Everywhere the small man has been forced to retire into forests, deserts, and icy barrens before the taller and stronger man.

By virtue of my principles, rather than their deserts, I must give them my intellectual sympathy; they touch no chord in my heart.

True, I was no longer a leader on my own responsibility, but the rank I held was honourable, and perhaps far above my deserts.

Whatever deserts he might place between himself and Mrs. Fairmile, Daphne would imagine them together.