Disciplining [adjective]

Definition of Disciplining:

educational, enlightening

Opposite/Antonyms of Disciplining:


Sentence/Example of Disciplining:

He had a dim idea of so disciplining his feelings, of attaining a numbed acquiescence in what he could not help.

One of the most effective ways of disciplining an offender is by holding him up to the ridicule of his fellows.

She learned New York town in human sordid enlightening disciplining ways.

During all this time General Stevens was chiefly engaged in training and disciplining his command.

What chance was there among them for correcting and disciplining himself?

Max was disciplining himself to put up with hardships of all sorts which would probably become a part of everyday life.

Here the county clerk half rose, but the head-teacher held him with his disciplining eye, and he sat down again.

That is to say, his idea of freedom was to make the State paramount, guiding, directing and if need be disciplining the people.

They were equipped with pick-handles—a handy tool for the “disciplining” of a helpless man.

Again came the flash of the silver spurs, and Walter Stone heard Louise disciplining the pony.