Meed [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Meed:

All the meed of the tomb, all the solace of sepulture, I give freely.

They all worshiped Rosamund; and, truth to tell, Rosamund could not but enjoy her meed of popularity.

Ah, why begrudge the marquis his meed of admiration, if he likes it?

Father Hickey had suffered the meed of his inhospitable conduct.

I paid to Max's bracelet and the arm which wore it the meed of looks, not of words.

It was no part of his practice to like or dislike his employers, so long as they paid him his meed.

Her girlhood had been blighted, robbed of its meed of happiness and joy.

She had heard him spoken of, and always with a meed of affection that is given to few men.

These were first-fruits of liberty, and the meed and reward of Liberals.

Still they denied her no meed her rare charms might properly claim.