Amends [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Amends:

Leucippe herself goes far to make amends for the general insipidity of the other characters.

But in the campaign of 1814 he made amends for all his former blunders, and his fighting record stands high indeed.

In such case the defendant was empowered to plead the facts in extenuation, and also to pay money into court by way of amends.

She rightly conjectured that the girl was already ashamed of her sharpness, and wished to make amends in some way.

He is rather prone to personal abuse, but makes ample amends to those who will put up with it.

The behaviour of Chopin during the latter part of this transaction made, no doubt, amends for that of the earlier.

They made what amends they could for their former incivilities.

Is it thus you wish to try to make amends for the welcome of which I complain?

For some time it stood aloof, but it came at last, and made ample amends for its delay by its violence.

Make yourself amends by so glorious a choice; make your virtue a spectacle worthy of men and angels.