Quittance [noun]

Definition of Quittance:


Opposite/Antonyms of Quittance:

Sentence/Example of Quittance:

He must have legal purgation, discharge, release from custody, quittance.

I may yet cry 'quittance; Though now I suffer, and dare not resist.

The guerdon; the quittance; could it be possible after all, the end was not far?

Himself, nay—he sent it to me; but I gave the quittance as to Mr Louvaine.

The man was a bankrupt; but still he had given her all he had to give, a quittance.

I've sent him his quittance papers, and he's your enemy for all time.

But "legal tender" money is not always an adequate means of quittance.

In a few minutes I should receive a quittance, and be free to think only of myself.

I beg that you will give me this quittance, for it may serve me.'

If this is right, please let me have a formal receipt and quittance.