Scale [noun]

Definition of Scale:

graduated system

Synonyms of Scale:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scale:

Sentence/Example of Scale:

To prepare it in this way, secure a perch and scale and clean it.

That mountain wall, impracticable as it seems, we have to scale.

Throughout he must remember, how small is the scale of operations.

Weighed in this scale, what a profanation is this man guilty of!

It was not fitted out upon the scale which Nelson had proposed.

It seems that—shooting—was the last little weight that tilted the scale against me.

That is probably the mildest degree in the scale of unpleasantness.

Well, then, the scale of good wifeship I divide into ten parts.

"Too risky to scale that," Frank mused, as he noted the sharp-pointed palings.

Remained only the probability of our being able, encumbered by a pack, to scale the mountains.