Extent [noun]

Definition of Extent:

range, magnitude

Synonyms of Extent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extent:

Sentence/Example of Extent:

He said more analysis is needed to determine the extent that excessive speeding contributed to the increase in speed-related crashes, but last year’s data shows a troubling trend.

In the ocean, organisms accumulate these pieces in their bodies over their lifetimes, sometimes to harmful or lethal extents, and in turn microplastic also shows up in the seafood we eat.

Most students probably will not see the changes until the fall, when the university has said it expects to reopen “to the fullest extent possible.”

Both sides are to a certain extent under the illusion if you got rid of Section 230, that would magically fix all of their problems.

“We as a state must be able to assure, to the greatest extent possible, that we maintain an unbiased, balanced and fair taxation system,” said Brad Witt, a state representative who leads Oregon’s House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources.

To the extent possible, director Samantha Stark reports out how Spears, seemingly capable and thus an unlikely candidate for a conservatorship, wound up under the long-term supervision of her father, Jamie Spears.

The league and the NFLPA found ways to get safely through this season and will find ways to get safely through next season, he said, to the extent that is necessary.

The lottery concept addresses this to some extent and offers opportunities to ordinary people, but it won’t be enough on its own.

It also felt like a way to show that she’s always been an unreliable narrator, to some extent.

Multiple participants in the briefing, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the closed-door sessions, said law enforcement officials appeared to still be grappling with the extent of the peril that faced lawmakers that day.