Vicinity [noun]

Definition of Vicinity:

local area

Synonyms of Vicinity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vicinity:

Sentence/Example of Vicinity:

It was evidently changed by the vicinity of the larger river.

In height he was about five feet ten inches; and in age, somewhere in the vicinity of thirty.

None of the strongholds are proof against Irish sympathizers, in their vicinity.

Especially did she search the loose, sandy soil in its vicinity for tracks.

In the vicinity of the Grotto one could see now as clearly as in the daytime.

Two bedrooms in the vicinity of the sitting-room were assigned to us.

The people of the vicinity have erected a temple there for the Dragon Princess.

Yet for some time No. 13 had looked like all the other houses in the vicinity.

I could detect no lifeboats in the vicinity nor could I raise any on the radio.

"It ought to be somewhere in this vicinity," he suddenly said.