Environment [noun]

Definition of Environment:

surroundings, atmosphere

Synonyms of Environment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Environment:


Sentence/Example of Environment:

It learns each device’s unique behavior, the quirks of its operational environment and how it interacts with other devices to prevent malicious and abnormal usage while providing analytics to boost performance.

If you’re treading water in the old environment, you’re really going to struggle in the new.

For separators, this is an extraordinary difficult environment to live in.

Other names have surfaced to capture how we’re remaking our environment.

One pitched by NASA scientists, called Long-Lived In-situ Solar System Exploration, calls for building electronics and hardware that can withstand Venus’s punishing environment for up to 60 days.

In well-lit environments, the battery-free console can collect enough power to sustain about 10 seconds of play before it dies for a second and reboots.

Evolution isn’t just acting on an individual’s characteristics but the way it interacts with the environment—including other minds.

Unlike Earth, Venus’s clouds are permanent—providing a more stable environment where these spores would dry out and fall to lower altitudes, rise back up in growing droplets in the cloud layer, and rehydrate to continue their life cycle.

When our environment changes, our automatic habits are disrupted and we’re more open to change.

I can only imagine that it’s more difficult to replicate that in a Zoom environment than it would be for businesses with slightly different cultures.