Precinct [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Precinct:

On one of these nights the Captain of the Precinct was present in plain clothes.

While they hold office, they shall dwell within the precinct of the God.

The temple, it is true, often stood within some sort of precinct, but it was accessible to all.

Hundreds of precinct meetings were held during the whole summer.

It was not a legal duty, for law had not yet penetrated into the precinct of the Family.

Just missed you at the Precinct House, came after you, and saw you turn in here.

They were one of the few teams in the Seventh Precinct to make full quota.

He had time to go over to the precinct station in the West Eighties first.

The plain or precinct of Olympia is situated in the district of Elis.

They say the rat labels were in a majority in this precinct—how was that?