Development [noun]

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The development and deployment of a vaccine will affect everybody on the planet.

I believed then, and I’m even more convinced now, that a rising China is an incredibly positive development for not only China, but the United States and the rest of the world.

Some of that has been done through acquisition — in 2016 Red Ventures bought Bankrate, which owns sites including The Points Guy, and acquired Healthline and HigherEducation in 2019 — and some has been done through internal development.

The rest was spent on things like personnel, operations and maintenance, and research and development.

Until now, the market mechanisms had essentially socialized the consequences of high-risk development.

Asked if the PAC was involved in the layoffs process, the Turner Sports spokesperson said the PAC is focused on hiring and employee development.

Dan Riccio, 57, has run Apple’s hardware engineering division since 2012 and oversees the hardware development of almost every Apple device.

“What we see about big companies is that they’re more global now,” says Joel Ratner, director of the community development financial institution Cleveland Neighborhood Progress.

It is the development of character, the triumph of intellectuality and spirituality I have striven to express.'

The whole aim is to secure the development of character by the expression of the highest elements of character.