Maturation [noun]

Definition of Maturation:

secretion of a sore

Synonyms of Maturation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maturation:

Sentence/Example of Maturation:

But somewhere along the line I have to reach a maturation point of some kind.

He goes where his internal force of development and maturation lead him.

The mysterious process of maturation is going on before our eyes.

The same principles which influence the maturation or ripening of fermented liquors also operate here.

You know any other sapient races with a one-year maturation period?

The cheeks and forehead during the process of maturation present a continuous puffy elevation of a pearly white colour.

Of this kind is the addition of hops, spices, &c., during the maturation of beer that exhibits a tendency to deteriorate.

The maturation of fermented liquor is noticed under Brewing, Malt liquors, Wines, &c.

Growth is quick, but maturation slow; both from the same cause, the great humidity of the ground and the atmosphere.

To promote the maturation or ripening of wine, various plans are adopted by the growers and dealers.