Unfolding [noun]

Definition of Unfolding:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unfolding:

Sentence/Example of Unfolding:

But why speak of unfolding "new-born specks of living matter?"

In the unfolding of the plot, Morgan was quite uninterested.

He returns to the Emperor, on whose knees an aide-de-camp was unfolding a map.

As I entered the drawing-room the old colonel was unfolding a newspaper.

And unfolding yet another document, he placed it in the hands of the Commander-in-Chief.

Then unfolding the letter, he read it, leaning against one of the merlons of the wall.

Unfolding the paper, they find the check has been drawn for a hundred pounds.

"You have got none at all, but imagined our feast—as usual," she said, unfolding her bundle.

"Rose had something special to tell me," said Erica, unfolding the letter.

The sole purpose of the comma is the unfolding of the sense of the words.