Evolving [verb]

Definition of Evolving:

develop, progress

Synonyms of Evolving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evolving:

Sentence/Example of Evolving:

It is an evolving conception in a constantly changing universe.

If this earth is evolving for the better, the past is still vivid in all its cruelty.

Remains one mightier problem, subtlest and most difficult of all, that of the life of the human spirit, of man evolving into God.

I shall not trouble you this morning at all with that threefold division of the evolving life with which we dealt yesterday.

Another great principle is the double and parallel action of shvara and of the evolving Self.

Cosmically they make the planes of the manifested universe, the five planes on which we are evolving.

He had spent more than two years thinking of that and evolving every needful plan in detail.

The Italian language was just evolving itself, under the genius of Dante, from a mere jumble of dialects into a literary language.

What faculty of educators can lay claim to all the best methods of evolving characters?

Where is the man to spend his life in evolving the beginnings of law and order from the midst of all this chaos?