Enlarge [verb]

Definition of Enlarge:

make or grow bigger; increase

Synonyms of Enlarge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enlarge:

Sentence/Example of Enlarge:

A more competitive tech industry — the solution offered by antitrust — will simply enlarge the number of elites making these decisions, without solving the fundamental problem.

Against Tester’s record of action—which included a successful bill to enlarge the Bob Marshall Wilderness—Rosendale’s lip service came up woefully short.

I should love to enlarge on these things, but a sense of proportion and propriety restrains my pen.

The value and use of guano are now so well understood, that it is scarcely necessary to enlarge on the mode of its application.

It is well, however, to enlarge our view as to the age of the earth by such efforts as have just been indicated.

Let us enlarge our minds to grasp it, that we may, to some extent at least, conceive its greatness and appreciate its beauties.

Tessa ran back to her pansies; Mrs. Wadsworth had found a theme to enlarge upon for the next half hour.

This day we come to some agreement with Sir R. Ford for his house to be added to the office to enlarge our quarters.

Look here; tell her that in view of the delay, it is my judgment that she ought to enlarge the accused on his parole.

He was permitted to enlarge upon it from time to time, and Hugh was not in the least surprised at his entering on it now.