Lengthen [verb]

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Telomeres are supposed to shorten with age, so lengthening makes little sense, and the Twins Study didn’t provide enough data to prompt any real conclusions as to why it happened and what the effects were.

That could help lengthen the lives of children with progeria even further.

The pandemic shut some supply hubs, slowed supply chains and lengthened delivery times.

It’s ironic in part because today’s technology-driven world has lengthened work hours for most people.

Keep in mind that adding veggies or other things to the fish will lengthen the cooking time.

Health and safety measures are limiting crew sizes, lengthening shooting schedules and increasing costs by around 30% of the usual budget.

Soot from wildfires later exacerbated and perhaps lengthened the “impact winter” that Earth endured, the team concluded.

I would even say that the conversion has not fallen, but lengthened.

Old knights were praying Charlemagne's prayer at Roncesvalles—that the day might lengthen while they hunted the Moslem.

The effect of the alteration has been to lengthen the keel, and perhaps to round up the forefoot a little.