Elongate [verb]

Definition of Elongate:

make longer

Synonyms of Elongate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elongate:

Sentence/Example of Elongate:

When you’ve absolutely got to hit a word count, it’s just so easy to elongate your work by adding in superfluous, unnecessary words so that an idea that should be a brief 10-word sentence ends up being an entire paragraph—like this one.

Finally Bryant — 6-foot-6, 212 pounds of long, sinewy muscle — picks up a ball, takes a bunch of steps behind the half-court line, trots four long paces forward, elongates his arms, pushes forward, and … and … and …“Gimme my money!”

Gently squeeze and press from the center toward the ends to elongate the roll slightly and even out thickness.

They prove the power of intuitive user experiences that integrate media, merchandising and content to eliminate the steps that add friction to the customer journey and elongate the buying process.

The tiny plant, which will never grow leaves or roots, elongates in a spindly spiral.

As an adaptation to saltation the tibia would elongate at the expense of the femur and the index would be more than 100.

Bush inhabitants include several species of lizards and snakes, all of which have rather elongate, slender bodies, and long tails.

These mites are elongate in form, have rudimentary mouth-parts and but four legs.

Subcortical; hexapod; antenn obsolete: body much depressed, with the last segment elongate, terminating in three or more mucros.

These loops, even when made as perfectly as possible, have a tendency to elongate, thus spoiling the adjustment of the wires.