Shorten [verb]

Definition of Shorten:

diminish, decrease

Synonyms of Shorten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shorten:

Sentence/Example of Shorten:

Presently, to shorten his road, he left the park, and took to a lane outside it.

We'll enjoy the fine weather till it's time to shorten sail.

Treachery, too, stepped in to shorten the time still further.

I was making for Cattolica, but I missed my way in seeking to shorten it.

"Perhaps I can shorten the pedigree," said Haggerstone, tartly.

So say I. It's no time to shorten sail, with such a sea running.

Now, remember your promise, darling, and don't be vexed with me if I ask you to shorten it.

Shorten the skirt and it will make a stunning French doll costume.

I hadn't been more than a minute in the cabin after lending a hand to shorten sail.

Failing this, it should at least slacken the pace of its work and shorten its working day.