Grow [verb]

Definition of Grow:

become larger, evolve

Synonyms of Grow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grow:

Sentence/Example of Grow:

Between 1920 and 1980, it was one of the fastest-growing countries in the world.

For as much as streaming has grown, traditional TV has remained the dominant medium among audiences and advertisers.

In recent weeks, every day has been growing compared to the previous day.

Oracle just reported that its quarterly cloud services and licensing revenue grew 2% to almost $7 billion.

The millions of people moving north will mostly head to the cities of the Northeast and Northwest, which will see their populations grow by roughly 10%, according to one model.

It’s also using this selective process of publishing on Instagram too, where it’s also seeing grow.

High-waist leggings gave me space to curl up in a ball and never squeezed my growing tummy.

If you grow up doing stores — and Blockbuster was really, really good at stores — you become very specialized about that.

Mill City, Oregon, is ash, as is Malden, Washington, and the fires are still growing and moving.

It goes without saying that Ferns of all kinds are interesting plants to grow in the garden and house.