Compress [verb]

Definition of Compress:

compact, condense

Synonyms of Compress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compress:

Sentence/Example of Compress:

Unlike MP3 and other digitally compressed formats, no audio quality is lost when pressing a record.

The second operation is to compress this gas which is done by an upward stroke of the piston as shown at Fig. 5, B.

Such is the wonderful story which we have endeavored to compress within the limits of these brief pages.

All that I can compress within the limits of a single lecture, by way of its elucidation, it shall be my aim to accomplish.

Another difficulty has been to compress the volume into the small limits desired by the family.

All the passions play their part freely, nor do the rules of propriety compress any feeling with the Greeks.

My heart's desire is to compress these Strehlen Diplomatic horse-dealings into the smallest conceivable bulk.

If the abdominal muscles are much relaxed and the hip-bones prominent, a compress of two or three towels will be wanted.

Bring the flywheel over to back center so that piston will compress the charge.

He knew how to be both terse and diffuse, and can compress himself into a line or expand over a paragraph.