Raise [noun]

Definition of Raise:

increase in salary or position

Synonyms of Raise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Raise:

Sentence/Example of Raise:

You know what you hold, and if 'tain't a hand to lay down, it must be a hand to raise on.

Just because it would be so difficult to raise the hundred pounds she urged it.

They pass up the church-aisle, and raise their eyes to the ceiling.

"Raise two more mantlets by the poop-lanthorn," said Sir Nigel quietly.

Mechanically, you raise your hand to lift away your optimistic spectacles.

He must send me a good sum at once; as much as he can raise.

He helped to raise Andrew from the ground, and to carry him into his bedroom, and to lay him on the bed.

When he discovered his mistake, he did not dare to raise his eyes.

I can feel his eyes on me, and I cannot raise my voice in protest, for do not I countenance it?

Then the girl—she had to raise on her tiptoes—kissed the sad man on the cheek.