Raising [verb]

Definition of Raising:

lift; build from the ground

Synonyms of Raising:

Opposite/Antonyms of Raising:

Sentence/Example of Raising:

"Here's hoping we'll soon be back in God's own country," said Oldaker, raising his glass.

"I congratulate you, Miss Porter," he said, raising his hat.

Raising his eyes from a contemplation of the heels in front of him, he saw Belle Langdon.

Once in a great while she met him on the street, and he bowed, raising his hat silently.

Raising his arm for a fresh stroke, his wrist was smashed by a bullet.

"I will tell you the truth," she promised, raising the glasses.

"When the trial come off," answered the old man, raising his head again.

Amelia, however, succeeded only in raising herself in his esteem.

He took a good deal of notice of me; raising me in his arms, and kissing me.

The raising of a house or ship into the air is a visible miracle.