Erect [adjective]

Definition of Erect:

straight up

Synonyms of Erect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Erect:

Sentence/Example of Erect:

Some have become radicalized by the president’s behavior, meeting fire with fire — from erecting guillotines to accosting Senators to defending violent looters as collecting what society owes them.

The government said the legislation aims to stop the EU erecting trade barriers between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland if no agreement can be reached on future arrangements for the region.

It would require the region to erect multiple new electric transmission lines through San Diego Gas and Electric territory to power the pumps that get the water where it would need to go.

Like one of Jim Henson’s darker creations, this was a goblin bird with mottled brown feathers puffed out, back hunched, and ear tufts erect and menacing.

It was where people lived and feasted while they erected Stonehenge.

He had seen through a powerful naval glass some figures standing erect and silhouetted against the sky on the parapet.

And with another bow the man from Paris drew himself erect, turned on his heel, and went jingling and creaking from the room.

Half-fed men would dig for diamonds, and men sheltered by a crazy roof erect the marble walls of palaces.

I intend to sail for that place in about a month or six weeks, but shall appoint agents in England to erect these engines.

As she spoke, a handsome man of middle age and erect carriage entered the room.