Perpendicular [adjective]

Definition of Perpendicular:

at right angles to

Synonyms of Perpendicular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perpendicular:

Sentence/Example of Perpendicular:

The hall was put up in 1446, and is therefore in the Perpendicular style.

"Never," answered the mender of roads, recovering his perpendicular.

Do you see that narrow ledge on the top of the perpendicular cliff on the right?

The settling of the wharf had thrown the door and its frame out of the perpendicular.

The post must, of course, be perpendicular to the tops of the plates.

This is a fine church in the Perpendicular style, built in 1846.

Perpendicular slats are then fastened to these wires to which the shoots are tied.

They were, for the most part, square-cut holes in the face of the perpendicular rock.

Parietes: walls: the perpendicular sides of elevated bodies.

A direction which is not parallel with or perpendicular to a line.