Steep [adjective]

Definition of Steep:

extreme in direction, course

Synonyms of Steep:

Opposite/Antonyms of Steep:

Sentence/Example of Steep:

He lighted the lantern, and Hal Dozier went down the steep steps, humming.

The banks of the river were steep, and consisted of soft clay.

The banks of the watercourse were steep, the bottom was sandy.

Immediately to the south rises the steep ridge known as the Chevin.

Without waiting to plan, I began to climb down the steep side of the ravine.

Let it steep fourteen days, and then strain it through a flannel bag.

Cover it, and set it aside to steep for half an hour; then put it to cool.

They took me up a steep, short slope, and set me down near the top.

He could not charge at any great speed, for the ground was steep and uneven.

Here the canoe was left, and up the steep side of the hill they climbed.