Hilly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hilly:

Everything is pretty much next to everything else in this surprisingly hilly town.

Officials argued that the state’s “one size fits all” approach to housing density doesn’t work for their city due to its hilly terrain and abundance of unusable land.

For starters, the Tour is normally broken down into 21 parts, or “stages,” each classified as flat, hilly, or mountain.

Chapman turned up a hilly road and they came out on a ridge overlooking the fenced-in track.

Malacca is, near the coast, merely hilly; but further in the interior the hills swell into a fine mountain range.

Here we came the next morning after a short time on winding and rather hilly byways.

The road from Calais, for the first twelve miles, is open and hilly.

It is pleasantly situated in a hilly district on the river Brit, from which it takes its name.

The road was truly excellent, though hilly, and indeed so continued till within a few miles of Abbeville.

Primitive though these carts are, they are well adapted to the hilly and uneven roads.