Uneven [adjective]

Definition of Uneven:

not smooth or balanced

Opposite/Antonyms of Uneven:

Sentence/Example of Uneven:

They held the most uneven part of the center, where thickets and ravines were many.

He could not charge at any great speed, for the ground was steep and uneven.

This clipping is what causes the uneven quality of fur which appears in his picture.

It was a long, uneven, low building, evidently of ancient architecture.

She cut an uneven circle of half moons in it and put it in the oven.

It was a misty, black night, and Trumet sidewalks were uneven and hard to navigate.

And now there came a sound of running feet on the uneven stones of the courtyard.

The ground was rough and uneven and the animals dropped to a walk.

If the glass in a mirror is uneven, the image of your face is unnatural.

Larry ran up the uneven brick walk to the door and rang the bell.