Jerky [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jerky:

He may be right, but the two companies could be more ambitious than just vegan Doritos and make snacks that have been largely neglected by plant-based meat producers, like beef jerky or pork rinds.

Each sentence came as if torn piecemeal from his unwilling tongue; short, jerky phrases, conceived in pain and delivered in agony.

Nervous and jerky he walked to the center of the stage, and raised his hand begging silence.

With jerky motions the black monster drew down, the water rippling and gurgling along the sides.

He knocked the ashes from his cigar and threw out his arms with one of his odd, jerky gestures.

He spoke in very fair language, short, jerky sentences, but well-chosen words.

Above the turmoil could be heard the harsh, jerky voice which came from the bowels of the warrior rather than from his lips.

Vandeleur is snorting like a steam calliope in bad repair, and I am breathing with the jerky movement of an overworked accordion.

He had already turned aside in his quick, jerky way; for he was a comparatively young man.

His jerky gait shakes the body so severely, that a long journey is a positive punishment, even for the Cossacks.