Jarring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jarring:

Those mushrooms became a portal to my hometown, a culinary object so emotionally resonant, so distinct from the food I bought at my grocery store in California, that I always longed to forage and conserve a jar of my own.

Place the duck on a cutting board, then drain the rendered fat into a heatproof jar.

Ultraviolet and other forms of light can be very damaging to foods, especially those in clear packaging like jars and see-through plastic bags.

Drain the degreaser into a waste container—you’ll notice some oily residue and metal shavings from the manufacturing process in the degreaser and coating the jar.

I used a jar of olives, but I’m sure you can come up with something better.

Their upstart mentality jars against the stability-minded status quo enshrined in China’s state-owned banks.

The researchers then placed the jars in a warm bath to mimic the temperatures inside a bird’s stomach.

That’s why properly sealing your jars is so crucial—any sign that the jar’s seal came loose is an indication that your food is contaminated.

The jar appeared in a Geneva coffee shop, not the USTR’s Geneva office.

To make sure that the years spent in those jars hadn’t affected the eyes' size, the team also sampled 67 live frogs from 50 different species spanning 17 families to compare them with the preserved frogs.