Fitful [adjective]

Definition of Fitful:

irregular, sporadic

Opposite/Antonyms of Fitful:

Sentence/Example of Fitful:

It was still raining—a gray day with fitful showers that never entirely ceased but only varied in intensity.

Down below there are only fitful puffs now and then, telling of something else in store.

In the fitful firelights gleam they could see three shadowy figures crossing the creek.

In the soft wind the myrtle rustled faintly, and on the roses at our feet the dew-drops glinted in fitful splendor.

I hope he slept better than I did, for my own night was a series of fitful, restless tossings.

For the little girl looked very pale and delicate sometimes, and her appetite was fitful.

A moment more and the storm closed in again, with one of its fitful gusts, only to clear at last and to leave them face to face.

At the Thatcher house, Harwood caught fitful glimpses of Allen's father, a bird of passage inured to sleeping-cars.

Like most indifferent or indulgent parents, Bassett was prone to excesses in his fitful experiments in discipline.

I was beginning to see that it would take a good deal of a man to hold my fitful fancy very long.