Impulsive [adjective]

Definition of Impulsive:

tending to act without thought

Opposite/Antonyms of Impulsive:

Sentence/Example of Impulsive:

In his childlike, impulsive fashion he had not thought of the future when he adopted Jean.

Eloquent in speech, warm-hearted and impulsive, he found it difficult to resist a joke, even at the expense of his friend.

I made an impulsive forward movement, but Dr. Silence instantly dragged me back.

This habit is an outcome of our frank, impulsive character; but the Scotch would be slow in appreciating it.

In their habits they resembled children, being sensitive and impulsive, fond of play, and very quick in their motions.

She was so far from being so that Mr. Gryce was taken unawares, and for once in his life became impulsive.

She was very fond of the aristocratic, lonely old man with an impulsive kindliness which was deep in her nature.

He was perhaps a little too thoughtless and impulsive, though generous-hearted enough.

With a quick little impulsive movement, Genevieve stepped to the new boy's side, and held out a frankly cordial hand.

Frances is an impulsive little creature, but she is old enough to understand that she should be discreet.