Cautious [adjective]

Definition of Cautious:

careful, guarded

Opposite/Antonyms of Cautious:

Sentence/Example of Cautious:

So, for the most part, you want to make people feel like, if anything, they would get fired for being cautious.

We’ve always been more cautious than others about where we get data from and how we build up all audience profiles, we try to rely on site information that we have.

I think of myself as a pretty cautious and thoughtful person when it comes to making decisions.

The payments giant announced the project on Wednesday morning, calling it the Central Bank Digital Currencies Testing Platform—a bland title to be sure, but one likely to find favor with cautious central bankers.

Given the pandemic, no one has any real clue who’s going to vote, especially given how Democrats are more likely to be cautious in their approach.

Add it all up, and you can start to see why the model is being fairly cautious.

Alphabet executives struck a cautious tone given the ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty.

Facilities are cautious following a rise in cases, and a grim statistic that 42 percent of coronavirus-linked deaths nationwide have occurred in longterm care facilities.

So for businesses, they’ve been on the cautious footing for a long time.

But at that insult Garnache's brain seemed to take fire, and his cautious resolutions were reduced to ashes by the conflagration.