Discreet [adjective]

Definition of Discreet:

cautious, sensible

Opposite/Antonyms of Discreet:

Sentence/Example of Discreet:

The installation, accompanied by its own discreet soundtrack, retains the right angles of the space it defines, yet its hard lines are gently blurred with every ripple of air.

Having people who are trained to spot instances like when people are feeling presenteeism pressure and then be discreet and respectful about how they broach the subject is invaluable.

In private one-on-one meetings with senators, Barrett has been discreet on the question of precedent, at least according to one Senate Democrat who has spoken with her ahead of the confirmation hearing.

Plus the convenient and discreet wall-plug design saves space.

Her focus is on Australia, where she hopes to help undo a more “discreet” form of racism by mending an opaque education system with the help of the Opals.

Of course they would stop for the wedding; but meantime she must be very discreet; she must not intrude too much.

"Oh, they were quite safe in my case, not being a mangeur de cœurs," replied the discreet young nobleman.

But a knock at the door interrupted them; the discreet Capt entered, bearing a telegram upon a salver.

As she walked along the chill promenade she looked with discreet curiosity at every woman she met, to see her condition.

Spunyarn, who was to accompany his friend, at a discreet distance was laughing and chatting merrily with the younger girl.