Noncommittal [adjective]

Definition of Noncommittal:

unwilling to decide

Opposite/Antonyms of Noncommittal:

Sentence/Example of Noncommittal:

"Well, it's a nice town," said Mason, with a noncommittal air.

I mean to say, as food it was noncommittal; it failed to intrigue.

To this direct question the lawyer returned a noncommittal answer.

His letters were noncommittal; but Bobby says he has had his own fair share of honors.

Dane was noncommittal; but I think he doesn't like Lorimer any too well.

“Maybe I be,” he answered her question with noncommittal grimness.

The owlish glasses focused with noncommittal stoicism in its direction.

I used to wonder why she was always so noncommittal about things at Overton.

"Go ahead," she said with the noncommittal attitude of youth.

She was sitting there with a noncommittal expression on her face and I wondered why.