Constrained [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Constrained:

There was a constrained late dinner, at the end of which Mamma picked up Judy and put her to bed with endearments manifold.

And they constrained him, saying, "Abide with us; for it is toward evening, and the day is now far spent."

And the king saw that they pressed upon him violently: and being constrained by necessity: he delivered Daniel to them.

There is something wanting in the man who does not hate himself whenever he is constrained to say no.

But somehow both seemed constrained and troubled by thoughts which they kept from each other.

Felix looked at her in amazement; he constrained himself to take a more friendly tone.

Constrained by passions such as he had never imagined even in dreams, Thomas fell upon his knees.

If I retired to rest, it was worse; I could lie in no position; I became convulsed, and was constrained to rise.

Sir John was holding on to the back of his high chair in rather a constrained way—almost as if he were suffering pain.

Besides this, it is not easy to shoot at long range in a constrained position from a running horse.