Stiff [adjective]

Definition of Stiff:

hard, inflexible

Opposite/Antonyms of Stiff:

Sentence/Example of Stiff:

Opposite him sat a tall fellow very erect and stiff in his chair.

The coverlet dropped from her breast; her hand was suspended with stiff fingers.

A figure in white, with a stiff white cap, stood by the bed.

She was thin, thinner than ever, and stiff as if she had withered.

Her fingers were stiff, but so was her will: the way she stuck to her work was pathetic.

Whip the cream until it is stiff and fold this into the mixture.

Their flesh should be firm and stiff and their eyes should be bright.

Her stiff cap moved in the breeze as it swung from the corner of her mirror.

You must remember him,—his name was Jorg, and he had stiff, black hair.

We moved with difficulty, and I found my limbs so stiff as to be scarcely manageable.