Rigid [adjective]

Definition of Rigid:

stiff, strict, severe

Opposite/Antonyms of Rigid:

Sentence/Example of Rigid:

They were hard-featured men, sallow of complexion, rigid in their looks.

The rigid lines of black that crossed it were bars—prison bars.

He pointed to the rigid form of the dead man, lying there so very near them.

The moral tension, which had held her hopeless and rigid, gave way.

Almamen marked his emotion with an eye and lip of rigid composure.

Bad customs are universal and rigid, like modern militarism.

Otherwise why the pedigree, why the rigid castes, the isolation of women?

It can only be maintained by the rigid continuance of the selection.

And he looked old—and rigid, as though he'd been staring like that for some time.

No rigid line can be drawn between the successive stages of growth.