Limber [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Limber:

Her prose is often beautiful and lyrical, as well as limber, for she alternates between many modes with surprising ease.

At present she is throwing her whole weight upon my wrist, which I hope will get limber under it!

He's getting a little stiff in the joints of his good nature, but a good dose of flattery'll limber him up considerable.

"I am Davy to you folks," said the little man as he stamped around to limber up from the long confinement.

Ammunition wagons were going up, and the artillerymen were filling their limber chests.

Here's my daughter run away to be married with the coolest, freshest, limber-tongued young codfish that ever escaped salting.

There were either three or four guns; there were certainly four gun-carriages, but one of them may have been a limber.

Better thou and I were lying, cold and limber-stiff and dead, With a pan of burning charcoal underneath our nuptial bed!

He don't seem tew hav but one limber jinte in him, and that iz lokated in hiz noze.

Our subdivision of thirty men were packed like herrings into an open truck, also occupied by a gun and limber.