Springy [adjective]

Definition of Springy:


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Sentence/Example of Springy:

He's not so large or tall, but quick and springy, and muscled like a panther.

Got plenty of water by digging a few holes in the springy places.

The meat will feel tender and springy when you squeeze it with your fingers.

Under foot the soil was springy with the mould of numberless autumns.

It is so springy and soft, all this straw; and it tickles one so funnily in the neck.

The springy step of Josiah Bonnithorne was soon lost in the road below.

Name's Mervin; all whipcord and whalebone; springy as a bent bow.

The women were exquisite in their grace and springy lightness.

"You may lie on my cloak," said the old woman, and spread it on the springy couch.

It is alive, trembling, vibrant, the foot moves with a springy recoil.