Stretchy [adjective]

Definition of Stretchy:

lazy, sluggish

Opposite/Antonyms of Stretchy:

Sentence/Example of Stretchy:

Taking title from the current name of its chieftain, it was popularly known as the Stretchy Gorman gang.

A day came, though, when the protection under which the Stretchy Gormans had flourished ceased to protect.

The man who was called Stretchy Gorman spoke a prophetic word when he said the police had nothing on him.

Now Stretchy Gorman had no character to speak of; so therein the accusation appeared faulty.

A tiny loop is left at each row in turning, as stockinet is a stretchy material.

They all—even the cat-thing—was wearing those shiny, stretchy clo'es.

He told himself that in the matter of Stretchy Gorman he would be as another Jawbert.