Flexible [adjective]

Definition of Flexible:

pliable, bendable

Synonyms of Flexible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flexible:

Sentence/Example of Flexible:

To help the tech player navigate and manage its growth not only as a somewhat-newly-public company but also as an increasingly distributed one—even after the pandemic passes, Slack expects to have a much more flexible workforce.

Successful re-opening, therefore, will require that schools be flexible and make some changes.

However, over the last six months, the movement to reshape advertising to actually be agile, nimble and flexible has no longer been an abstract idea but rather a necessity.

These perovskite layers are also being developed to manufacture flexible solar panels that can be processed to roll like newsprint, further reducing costs.

Over time, mathematicians have developed an increasingly flexible view of what it means for two objects to be “the same.”

Any of a number of methods for colorectal cancer screening are now available, including colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, imaging and several stool-based tests.

Kim Seymour, chief people officer, WW International Provide flexible solutions.

Similarly, consumers are looking for more flexible and versatile ways to pay, especially online.

Even before the crisis most of the big six agency holding groups were reporting low or no growth as they struggled to adapt to faster more flexible ways of serving clients.

With the lines between the professional and the personal blurred physically, some believe that the boundaries of work hours will become more flexible to account for that.