Unresponsive [adjective]

Definition of Unresponsive:

not responsive

Synonyms of Unresponsive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unresponsive:

Sentence/Example of Unresponsive:

That made him angry, and he said that insular envy made me unresponsive.

She did not answer; unresponsive as a statue, she did not move.

There is a fathomless look in his eyes and he is cold and unresponsive.

He was unresponsive, and I could feel the restlessness of his fingers in my hair.

So unresponsive and dumb was he that they called him half-witted.

Are the most influential men cold and unresponsive to the call of the Spirit?

But these found him so unresponsive that they soon left him alone.

He took her hand in the darkness; it was cold and unresponsive as a stone.

Grimly they pursued the way, automaton-like, unresponsive now to horror or any emotive.

It made a picture whose beauty might have impressed the most unresponsive.