Responsive [adjective]

Definition of Responsive:

quick to react

Opposite/Antonyms of Responsive:

Sentence/Example of Responsive:

It revealed surely a tender heart, one responsive to a pure love.

A new and excited note had come into his voice, responsive to her own.

She, on her part, fell at once attentive, grave and responsive.

What this efficient cause is, is a question that awakens no responsive inquiry.

And responsive out of his deeps had come the new thing—love.

There was no answer and no responsive movement, and the Captain bent his head and listened.

Responsive to that gesture, Gonzaga faced the pinioned captain truculently.

It is the Responsive God that we long for, and how shall we reach Him?

There was indeed the dimmest suggestion in her face and voice of a responsive mood.

The atmosphere about them was not thrilling in responsive sympathy.