Conscious [adjective]

Definition of Conscious:

alert, awake

Opposite/Antonyms of Conscious:

Sentence/Example of Conscious:

Marketers must be conscious not to devalue backgrounds and experiences, as this may be where nuance is needed most.

These connections form an intricate web of nerves linking the brain and spine to organs, allowing the latter to function independently of conscious thought, hence the term “autonomic.”

In the 80s and 90s, as people became more environmentally conscious, there was a revival of naturally pigmented cotton.

A key challenge for understanding or replicating smell, the authors write, is figuring out the essential bits of neural data from nose to brain that induce a conscious perception.

Their solution is a conscious shift towards a new way of organizing the world.

Invest in your brand terms to protect yourself from competitor interference once potential customers have made the conscious decision to engage with your brand.

Understanding consciousness really matters—after all, the wellbeing of conscious minds depends on it.

His typical customer is a health-conscious East Coaster, interested in animal welfare, willing to pay a bit more for their meat.

They know that, and yet they can’t seem to overcome their own conscious or unconscious bias.

Cameron’s own Euroskepticism dates all the way back to his youthful admiration of Margaret Thatcher, the budget-conscious former Conservative prime minister.