Aware [adjective]

Definition of Aware:


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Sentence/Example of Aware:

“We are well aware of the regulatory environment, and we will ensure no one’s data is used for research in an unconsented way,” he said.

Seventy-four percent of those who were aware of the theory said it was “bad for the country,” and 20 percent said it was good for the country.

Phone gestures and buttonsYou’re most likely aware of the key gestures required to get around your phone, but it’s worth double-checking.

It made me more aware of the system we were living in, and that there could be unexpected events.

Google is aware of the issue and hopefully will fix it soon.

They must also be aware of how their policies apply in different contexts.

Be aware that incorrectly screwing on the cap could affect the ability to pump and build up pressure in the can.

With Mallott’s staff now aware, news of the misconduct climbed the chain of command within the governor’s office.

Council members weren’t made aware until months after investigators began tapping into the network.

The biggest challenge in the middle of the funnel is to convert “problem aware” prospects into leads.