Heedless [adjective]

Definition of Heedless:


Opposite/Antonyms of Heedless:

Sentence/Example of Heedless:

He marched on buoyantly, heedless of the wet and the squirting mud from unseen puddles.

Because he had sunk into the slough of despond, he would be heedless of the mud that gathered on his garments.

The heedless chatter of the ladies, the braying laughs of the men-at-arms, were a little chilled.

Barrington laughed as he descended the narrow stairs, but he was not heedless of his companion's warnings.

He wrapped him in every piece of dry clothing he could find, and supported his head, heedless of the blood which covered him.

On past the forts went ships and monitors, heedless of torpedoes or of the fate of the Tecumseh.

Somewhere in that direction lay their last faint hope of survival, and, heedless of order or discipline, they fled in Petros wake.

O brilliant-eyed youth, O rosy-cheeked maid, be not so heedless of yourselves.

Sometimes, without intending to hurt Napoleon's feelings, heedless Betsy must often have come near wounding him.

"She had much better not be known as Westwood's daughter," said Mrs. Rumbold, with decision, quite heedless of Cynthia's presence.