Concerned [adjective]

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Those concerned about apps spying on them can monitor their activity by viewing individual apps under the iPhone’s “Settings” icon.

Dorris said she had thought about coming forward in 2016 but was concerned about the potential backlash she and her family might face.

While temperatures were lower Monday in some areas, officials said they were still concerned about getting through the afternoon, in part because of the fires.

Yet San Diego’s largest organization for real estate developers says both candidates would make great mayors, as far as they’re concerned.

We are typically packed each weekend, so we are a little concerned about keeping the crowds spaced out during that time.

Lavalais, who is high risk with diabetes and hypertension, was deeply concerned.

And, as companies continue to deal with the effects of the coronavirus crisis, the employees are growing concerned that diversity and inclusion is fading from focus within their companies.

We are concerned that aggressive platform policies will cut at that lifeline at a time when it is so essential for small business growth and recovery.

So far as the right or wrong of having contraband whisky was concerned, I don't think any one gave it a second thought.

The Seneschal leaned back, and was concerned to feel his pulses throbbing a shade too quickly.