Perturbed [adjective]

Definition of Perturbed:


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Sentence/Example of Perturbed:

By degrees the placid influence of her friend calmed her perturbed spirit.

Chip whispered the question in the ear of the perturbed Little Doctor.

Julia wilted a little; but her sister, Mrs. Glynn, was not perturbed.

Plainly, Evadna was secretly laughing at her perturbed interest in the matter.

Nor had she fully relieved her mind, nor voiced all that perturbed her.

He sat down to consider, listening to the silence of the forest and perturbed by it.

And the red ones grinned with apoplectical faces which perturbed them.

The perturbed Bailey stalked off, muttering, to the blacksmith's.

Perturbed as I was I couldn't resist making the obvious retort.

And yet why had Coast been so perturbed at the mere mention of Ben Cameron's name?