Bothered [adjective]

Definition of Bothered:


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Sentence/Example of Bothered:

Sangree bothered her with no special attentions, and after all they were very little together.

As I said, the place must be made to pay, that's the first point; the second is, that I am not to be bothered.

Yet, when I was a young man, I never bothered my head about royalty, but I was as full of wild fancies as a balloon is of wind.

She liked well enough to have a friend drop in and talk to her when she was on duty, but she hated to be bothered about books.

Their footsteps, for they no longer bothered to tread silently, sounded like thunder in their ears.

He had got the cradle blade and said he would kill either of them if they bothered him.

There was only one thing in life that bothered Tootles greatly, and that was the getting out of bed in the morning.

He is bothered with considering how he feels, or what he or somebody else will like to see on his paper.

The board bothered her, for she couldn't make a head-on attack on the fence, but it didn't bother her long.

Their statements bothered him—especially the Red Fox's evil hints and insinuations about Hale's purposes one day at the mill.