Distressed [adjective]

Definition of Distressed:


Opposite/Antonyms of Distressed:

Sentence/Example of Distressed:

When I was young and relatives talked to my older brother and me about it, wanting to share who our father was and express their own sense of loss, I often felt confused and distressed.

This client is distressed with all the changes in his work environment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

When officers tried to “secure her,” Anderson said, the distressed girl ran away.

Certain factors put some students at greater risk of feeling highly distressed.

Rechnitz has said that some of the state’s inspection findings over the years came shortly after he purchased distressed facilities and before he had time to turn them around.

I talked to a woman who fell in love with her mailman, and a postal carrier who grew distressed at how little her rural community seemed to be taking Covid-19 seriously.

Traditionally, urban planners and developers working in distressed communities prioritize new housing to grow the population, which they hope will attract commercial development.

The ratings agencies are keeping a close eye on companies they consider distressed to see how they fare in 2021.

In 2008, Esposito began buying distressed properties on the West Side, and by 2016 he owned or co-owned at least 10.

I think it is perfectly plausible and very likely that this dog was distressed and upset and trying to find home.